Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

List five things you do for fun.

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1. Our family loves to play games. I don’t mean video games. I mean actual games. Last weekend we played Trivial Pursuit, Disney edition, and it was glorious. We have a lot of other games, similar as well! TP: DND version, which we haven’t played yet but we will hopefully soon. In fact, just a couple days ago, we even picked up a new card game: Tell Me Without Telling Me.

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2. That’s right. I read for fun. I almost exclusively read on my Kindles. Yes, Kindles. I have 3 I actively use. I have a Kindle Fire 8, a Kindle Fire 10, and a Kindle Paperwhite. I love to read romance novels. The spicier the better, but any version of romance will usually still keep me happy! I’m currently reading Mated in Chaos by Carrie Ann Ryan.

3. I play with planners. I absolutely love trying to be organized. Even if I look like I’m organized, I’m the furthest from it. I have an “Always Fully Booked” planner by Little Inklings Designs, a dashboard layout Happy Planner, and a bullet journal from Archer and Olive!

4. I love to take pictures. Especially of my loved ones. I use my Note 20, regardless of the fact that that I broke the lens covering the back cameras. I use my Canon G7x and Rebel T7. I freaking love taking pictures, though lately I haven’t really done too much of it. I need to get back into it.

5. I love to play The Sims 4! I love playing the simulation. I love creating homes. I love creating new and exciting storylines or playing challenges. Now, if only my brain could stay focused long enough, because I’d like to actually finish a game. Or get past the second generation!

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