Love Is Infinite

What have you learned in your life about love?

I have learned in my life that love is infinite. If you are truly loving, your heart will never be too full to add someone into it.

I’m not saying that I love every single person I meet, but I’m more apt to love than I am to hate.

When I hate, it’s basically for life. I’ll be nice to your face, in public, but if we’re alone, trust me, you’ll know it.

But I lean towards love!

These two have taught me so much.

Josh has been my heart since 2001. I met him in May of 2001. We officially started dating on September 16, 2001. Moved in together in January of 2002. We had our first kid on June 20, 2003. Second little butt born March 17, 2005.

We didn’t have (and still don’t have) the perfect relationship, but with it, I’ve learned perseverance, faith (not in a higher power, but in our relationship), true meaning of unconditional love, etc. With him, I’ve really learned who I am and what I want.

Then Frannie entered our lives. I will be honest, I did see myself as a sister wife, but not like the ones on TLC. No, I wanted it all. I wanted a wife of my own, one shared with my husband. When I met Frannie, it felt like there was a chance on my dream coming true.

I fell for her immediately, and I’m sure Josh wasn’t far behind. She is the missing piece I didn’t know was missing. She completes us, and I just love her for her.

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