January 2022 Goals

Personal Goals

Focus: Routines

Develop a basic routine

  • AM
  • PM
  • After-work

Fun and Recreation

Focus: Self-care

One self-care day a week

Work and Learning

Focus: Appreciation

No call-ins

One Adobe tutorial a week

Health and Wellness

Focus: Healthy choices and habits

Consistently Drink Water
–> No pop until 16oz of water is drank
–> Log Water
–> Work up to half of body weight

Family and Relationships

Focus: Quality

Gratitude log (about friends and family) ((I might share some of them, but not all of them))


Focus: Under control

No unnecessary Spending
Keep a log of ins and outs

Focus: Introspection

Blog at least fives times a week, working towards daily

Physical Environment

Focus: organization

Get cube systems set up

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