OH MY GOD! I’ve scrapbooked :O I really love digital scrapbooking, and I’m hoping, in December, that I can get more active, back into it! I’ve missed it.

In case you didn’t notice, even the header has changed! :O I figured the theme fit with it, and I went with it!

Kit: Winter Magic: December Monthly Mix
This was, as you can tell, created for my header. There was no template used.
Pics (from left to right): Snapchat Selfie, Bitmoji selfie (it’s changed but I didn’t have one saved), a planner shot, Ethan (with his quarantine mullet haircut), Josh (giving me his usual face), Madison (the day we brought our puppy, Kira home), Binx (our kitten, all proud of himself for getting on the router), and Kira (our Huskytriever, whom we adopted on Veteran’s Day)

Kit: Home for the Holidays by Whimpychompers 

Template: Blended Clusters by MissFish

While 2020 has been sucktastic, I do have some things to celebrate. In February, we bought a house. In August, we adopted Binx. In November, we adopted Kira. Good things, I will definitely say!

Kit: Game Night by Cathy K Designs
Template: In the Stars by Connie Prince×12-Templates-CU-Ok-by-Connie-Prince.html

Binx is a lap kitty. If you’re chilling out, he’ll climb in. If you don’t notice that he’s wanting in your lap, he’ll scratch the back of the chair. If you like to snuggle in a soft blankie, he’s even more likely to want to be in your lap. But I hope you don’t plan on doing something, because he will lay on your arm. He will get mad at you if you move him.

Kit: Oh Christmas Tree

Template: Single Ladies 2 by Miss Fish

With a birthday in early December, you find ways to have fun with it all. I’d requested my birthday off, but I ended up getting scheduled. Not a huge deal, but to make up for it, I got myself a snowflake headband and necklace. I also got myself some earrings, but DAMN, they’re way too heavy for me to wear :O But that’s okay, I’ll find a way to wear them. Snowflakes are sort of a signature for me.

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