Planners? We Have Planners!

This is my bullet journal, set up for the month of September. I love how basic it is. It’s exactly what I need!

Here’s this week! I don’t have much going on this week, or next week. Heck, most of September is mostly just birthdays! :O I’m okay with that though!

Tomorrow’s Daily Page. Those get used only if I need them. Considering I’m going to have to double-up on the workout to make up for sleeping all day today, I’m gonna need the tracking! EEPS!

This is the monthly pages of my Happy Planner. This is the Squad Goals or something like that one. It’s a vertical, lines only one, with each season represented. Sometimes I’ll keep that, sometimes I’ll use a kit to spice it up. This month, I used the August Monthly Kit from Planning Made Easy!

I also used the same kit to decorate this week!! This planner is used as my journaling, basically, planner. I write in it, or I use stickers to fill it up!

I used some of the kit to also decorate my currently page! I love it!
As you can see, LOTS of birthdays! AND my 18th anniversary! ? ? ?

Now it’s time for me to go to bed!

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